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Andy Close
Apr 23, 2021
In Suggestions & Updates
New Feature Request: 1. Import songs in ChordPro Format. - Songs are available to download from CCLI SongSelect in ChordPro format. 2. Show lyrics with chords above. 3. Highlight chord being played. Rationale: Using Dream Foot in Worship you will have the Dream Foot App and the Chord Sheet or Song Book Software (e.g. OnSong) to show you the chords with lyrics. If you get lost or are unsure if you are in the right place it can be a challenge to find your place again. You have to flick back and forth between two apps. You have to see where you are on Dream Foot and compare this mentally to where you are in the song .. and the song is always moving forwards. If you have the words with the chords over the top in Dream Foot you could immediately see where in the song (lyric wise) to skip back or forwards to the right place. I believe you would be less likely to need to skip back and forth because you will constantly have confirmation when the next change should occur. I think this would significantly increase people's confidence in using the app live.