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Music app that lets you play chords and chord progressions with a single tap, while simultaneously playing an instrument.



Control more than one instrument at the same time

Trigger Chords and Chord progressions via a MIDI controller while playing your instrument. Create an atmospheric sound texture that wraps up around your music. With Dream Foot, you can achieve a fuller sound in all your songs with just the tap of a button.
  • Only available on the iPad
iPad App

Sound bigger with less musicians

Achieve a fuller sound without the expense of hiring more musicians. The Dream Foot app gives your music a sense of depth, weight, and width.

Create bigger sounds.

Fill empty spaces

Add strong harmonic sound textures to your music by choosing from a variety of sound patches in our Dream Sound library specifically designed to operate with the Dream Foot App.


Free Bundles

Dream Foot Experience is now offering you a collection of sound libraries and patches meticulously designed to achieve luscious sounds that will complement your live performance.

Video Tutorials